Friday, July 08, 2011


After seeing Jason Momoa in A GAME OF THRONES I can easily see why he was cast as Conan. I think he is a wonderful choice for the role. Did you know that he stands 6'4"? I had no idea. He doesn't come across that tall unless he is standing next to someone. That makes him the same height as Dwayne Johnson (and taller than Schwarzenegger). Hmmm, would like to see a movie with The Rock And Momoa cast against each other!

If you have a negative reaction to him as Conan as of now, I'd like to hear it actually! Let me know why. After seeing him as Khal Drogo (who he played MAGNIFICENTLY), I am going to love him as Conan.

The poster has elements from previous media photos and clips already seen, but has been put together in a very symmetrical and symbiotic way. Save for that sword hilt which I don't really like in it, everything else resonates. Quite like it!

It's all the rage to have floating embers and ash in the air for posters these days isn't it? HP7 is doing it too for example. Anyway, I am looking forward to the movie - they've sold me a long time ago. We can all use some more villainous Stephen Lang!!

Look for CONAN THE BARBARIAN on August 19.

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