Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Night Football Coming in 3D on ESPN3D

"Get with the program"

Tim here. That's right, Monday Night Football! This was the most exciting news to come out of the 3D Summit last week. Bryan Burns, Vice President Strategic Business Planning and Development for ESPN, broke the news to us after showing a clip of fan reactions to watching games in 3D on 3DTVs placed in bars. One person said, "My next TV purchase will be a 3DTV. I watch more sports than any other program." This is an eight-year, $15.2 billion, deal made with the National Football League!

This also was announced after a little rumor was started by a press writer that ESPN would be closing their doors. The rumor spread rapidly, but it wasn't true and two days the Monday Night Football announcement came. Mr. Burns pointed out that this was another example of an opportunistic reporter using 3D negativity and bashing to attract readers to their unfounded reporting in order to propel themselves. (Writer's note that several others had made similar comments about the presses negativity throughout the summit.)

Sadly we have to wait for 2014 when ESPN's rights pick up distribution, but that's plenty of time for you to go get your 3DTV! As Mr. Burns put it, "We're not playing defense, but instead we've got the ball and are driving down the field."

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