Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sony Raises Eyebrow At NATO: Intends To Stop Paying For 3D Glasses For Movie Goers - Here's The Simple Solution...

Honestly I don't know what the big deal is here. Seriously. The National Association Of Theater Owners (NATO) seems to be on their high haunches as much as Sony is here in that they each want the other to pay when the answer is perfectly clear.

The cost of a pair of RealD 3D glasses is about 50 cents. Read that again, 50 CENTS. Sure amplified over millions of seats and the cost is significant so both sides are going ballistic, but this cost of 50 cents is insignificant to you and me as theater goers as we can RE-USE our glasses anytime we want without fear of someone else's fingers being all over them previously.

The model I speak offer here is purely borrowed from airlines. When we board a plane in economy you can expect to pay for headsets to view the entertainment - unless you bring your own. Makes perfect sense. Sure you have the choice to NOT view the entertainment if you don't want to which defeats the purpose in going to a theater, but you are not paying $3 to $5 for it either! We are taking 50 cents here folks. Big deal.

So lets drop with the Hollywood dramatics and let customers buy their own for a couple of quarters. Heck, theater owners can up-sell them with branded pairs if they want to do so. Further, we'll see increased reuse of glasses which is better for the environment. But lets stop making a problem where there is none. Let's focus on maintaining the quality of our 3D releases (STUDIOS!!!) and making sure the illumination of the projectors are on standard or above (THEATER OWNERS!!!) and not being distracted with foolishness.

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