Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Accident On RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION Set Has At Least 10 Actors Taken To Hospital

As this is breaking news there are not as many details as we would like, but hopefully there are no serious injuries. While shooting RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION in Toronto's Cinespace facility at 777 Kipling Avenue, a platform collapsed causing injury to at least 16 actors, and at least 10 of those actors were taken to hospital. Two of them where taken on backboards (2nd photo).

Apparently the actors were moving from one platform to another when the accident took place as a wheeled platform shifted causing the actors to fall about 5 feet (TMZ is reporting 20 feet). The injuries appear to be limited to bruises and broken bones (hopefully no spinal injuries).

In an odd circumstance, when emergency personnel arrived on the scene the actors were dressed and made up as zombies which caused some initial confusion to determine who had the injuries and who did not.

I have not heard if principal actors were hurt, like Milla Jovovich or Michelle Rodriguez but if they are involved I'm sure word will be out soon. More info will be coming if warranted.

Sources: CBC | CTV | TMZ | The Wrap

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