Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glasses-free 3D On A 4.3” Smartphone!!

MasterImage 3D and Chimei Innolux Corporation (CMI) have partnered to showcase a demonstration of glasses-free 3D on a 4.3” smartphone.

This is the first demonstration of 720p resolution for glasses-free 3D using MasterImage 3D’s Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier technology.

The demonstration features CMI’s TFT panel and MasterImage 3D’s LCD and 3D Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier technology. The demo also showcases unique 3D content developed by MasterImage 3D Media.

Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier Technology is MasterImage 3D's proprietary solution that is invented,patented and mass-produced as the leading technology in glasses-free 3D display. The technology provides brighter images, reduced moiré effects (or rippled appearance) and the ability to work in any orientation – portrait or landscape.

For a demonstration visit CMI booth # 3602 at FPD! International in Yokohama – the Exhibition and Convention on Flat Panel Displays.

About Chimei Innolux Corp.
CMI is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of TFT-LCD display products, including TFT-LCD panels, and total solutions for LCD TV and monitor systems. Its one-stop shopping business model vertically integrates TFT-LCD panel manufacturing expertise with systems assembly capabilities. More information about CMI is available at

About MasterImage 3D, Inc
MasterImage 3D, Inc provides pioneering 3D solutions for theaters and mobile devices. With digital 3D cinema systems installed in over 70 countries, MasterImage 3D is a fast-growing digital 3D cinema system supplier, offering audiences the clearest, sharpest 3D experience while providing exhibitors with a compelling ownership-based pricing model. The company invented, patented and mass-produced the cell-matrix parallax barrier, the leading 3D technology for auto-stereoscopic mobile display. It enabled one of the world’s firstglasses-free 3D phones and is in development for devices in 2012. Founded in 2004, the company is privately held and headquartered in Hollywood, with offices in the UK, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. (

Stay tuned for more info as the autostereoscopic market develops! Glasses-free is beginning to take off!! I have actually seen this technology first hand and let me tell you it is simply amazing. Screen sizes are growing larger and larger!

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