Wednesday, December 21, 2011

UPDATED! MUST SEE: New PROMETHEUS Photo And Final Teaser Trailer!

**SAME DAY UPDATE: I've added the third and final teaset trailer below!

Excited yet? Ridley Scott is set to drop his trailer for PROMETHEUS tomorrow!

Many of you may have seen the bootleg version that is bouncing around the interwebs lately but I won't be posting it as quite literally the copy sucks. You need to see this thing in true HD! I started watching it and thought to myself: "Why am I ruining this trailer - I want to see it perfectly the first time because there is only ONE first time."

And so we wait. But it will be worth it, just as it was with THE HOBBIT we saw yesterday.

This photo of Michael Fassbender hits home for me - his face really does look androidish. The 'cave' he is in certainly seems like it was mechanically mined, like the 'chunnel' under the English Channel.

Here's the final teaser trailer for PROMETHEUS! You can see the first two right here.

Be sure to check out the trailer tomorrow right here! So far the trailer previews look AMAZING, especially the surface shots!!

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