Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Martin Scorsese's SILENCE And Frank Sinatra Biopic May Be Shot In 3D!

Ahhh, the continued love affair between a master and a cinematic format! 3D in this case and yes that master is none other than Martin Scorsese.

Taking a question that I surely would have asked Mr. Scorsese given the chance, Variety queried him on whether his upcoming projects SILENCE or the Frank Sinatra biopic would be in 3D to which Scorsese replied:

"Yes. I'm considering the possibility."

"I had always been interested in 3D, and I thought it made sense for "Hugo." Generally, whenever there's a new technological development, there's a corresponding sense of excitement. The same thing happened with the introduction of three-strip Technicolor and CinemaScope and Dolby. And then everyone remembers it's only a means, not an end. Real 3D is beautiful, but it's just one choice, one tool among many, and you only want to use it if it's the right tool."

I beg your pardon Mr. Scorsese, but... pleaseeeee? :-) One can imagine where he could take these films in 3D.

Scorsese has already let the cat out of the bag that SILENCE would be his next movie. It's a drama involving two 17th century Jesuit priests facing violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and to spread Christianity. Daniel Day-Lewis, Benicio Del Toro and Gael Garcia Bernal are supposedly attached and if Scorsese is doing this next, I see no reason why they wouldn't continue to be associated with it. C'mon, it's Scorsese!

The script was adapted by Jay Cocks
(THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, THE GANGS OF NEW YORK). Cocks also did an uncredited rewrite of James Cameron's screenplay for TITANIC.

More when I get it!

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