Thursday, February 02, 2012

WHOA. TITANIC 3D Valentine's Day Advanced Screening Crashes Servers; Sells Out In Hours

Yes you read that correctly. Fox and Paramount have decided to offer FREE Valentine's Day tickets to see TITANIC 3D well in advance of its April 6 start date. But good luck trying to find a ticket.

It only took a matter of hours to sell out the events in multiple cities around the world and in the process of doing so, crashed the servers granting the tickets. Keep in mind that these showings were not well known to the public at all. Didn't matter. We're talking TITANIC 3D here folks. The screenings will be in RealD.

If you managed to get tickets to one of these shows - let me know. I would be interested in seeing a scan of one of them - or a confirmation receipt!

Source: THR

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