Wednesday, February 01, 2012

James Cameron Prepping In Australia For Mariana Trench Documentary

One of our readers (Thanks Kilar!) sent me a newspaper clipping from the Herald Sun detailing James Cameron's recent exploits in Australia and the article pointed out some cool current info.

You may have read about The Cameron | Pace Group setting up shop in Melbourne and the article quotes Andrew Wight (Producer, SANCTUM) who heads up their Aussie operations:

Said Wight: "Melbourne was the clear choice given the 3D facilities already in place at Digital Pictures and the talent pool we trained up on 3D who live in Melbourne."

He also jokingly threw a jab at Australia's largest city with: "The restaurants are also better than Sydney."

More interesting though was the current update on what James Cameron has been up to down under:

Cameron is currently in NSW practising filming in a submersible in Sydney Harbour before setting off to Papua, New Guinea to film a feature-length documentary on the Mariana Trench.

Of course we already exclusively know about the documentary and that he plans on diving the trench in June of this year.

Someone, send me a photo of this submersible! The craft was specially built to Cameron's own specifications and will probably have hi-tech heaters and of course 3D cameras and Fusion rigs.

Note that the NYTimes reported that Cameron insists that he will not be shooting shots for AVATAR 2 while on the ocean floor and that "It has nothing to do with my feature life." Cameron intends on dropping into not only the Challenger Deep but the Tonga and Kermadec Trenches, which lie north of New Zealand.

Interestingly enough, Cameron is not alone in his need to explore the bottom of the world. He has competition, if you can call it that. While Cameron is seeking to partner with the science community to share his vessel, others are seeking new business ventures. Richard Branson is doing it. Eric Schmidt and Triton Submarines are too.

Hopefully Cameron's tests come back positive and that he and his team STAY SAFE. More when I get it!

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