Thursday, April 12, 2012

MUST SEE: Diagrams And Blueprints For The Ship PROMETHEUS, The MED POD And More!

Love the detail in these mocked up marketing pieces for Weyland Industries' products!

First up is the USCSS PROMETHEUS with it's Fireproof Windscreen, Communication Antennae, Ion Plasma Engines, Ejectable Lifeboat, Medical and Cargo Bays!

Even further details are revealed in the blueprints:
- They are scientific Exploratory vessels
- The ship carries NO weapons
- The lifeboat are capable of medium range navigation and landing
- There are eight individual crew ejection pods (pictured separately)
- They carry 5 exploration rovers, 2 mineral extractors and 4 quad-track runabouts.

Check out the second level layout too (via blueprint).

I think I am safe in assuming the Med Pod will be found in the Medical Bay.

Check out the higher res blueprints, the individual escape pods and a new image of Michael Fassbender as David!

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