Thursday, April 12, 2012

Looks Like A Premiere Homerun For Marvel's THE AVENGERS!

With the reaction gleaned from last night's premiere of Marvel's THE AVENGERS it looks like a sure fire hit is on it's way to us! At the very least a Robert Downey Jr. DANCE PARTY!

Clearly HULK is back too! So many tweets about him finally getting the treatment he deserves as a comic book super hero on the big screen. I couldn't be happier about that. It's about time.

It sounds as though there were minor issues with the first two acts of the movie (nothing really overbearing though) but that the final act nails it though - more than making up for any minor transgressions made earlier. Again music to my ears!

So if you weren't already hyped enough about the ensemble movie to end all ensemble movies (or should I say assemble movies!), now's the time to hop on board. Man, this is going to be a wicked summer for 3D movies!!

THE AVENGERS open May 4.

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