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Details On The Upcoming Family Movie I HEART SHAKEY In 3D

I have my eye on a good looking family 3D movie that I think you should be aware of if you have kids you like to take to the movies (or enjoy some time in front of the TV) or if you love dogs.

Like Steve Guttenberg? How about Beverly D'Angelo? I loved the POLICE ACADEMY movies as well as the VACATION films! They're both in this.

To top it off, it is a native 3D production that used 3ality Technica rigs! You can expect a great quality product here.

Kevin and DeAnna Cooper are ex-studio executives from Hollywood who recently signed a distribution deal for their independent 3D family comedy I HEART SHAKEY, the first film from their company Amarok Productions. It is also the first independent film of its kind to be shot entirely in stereoscopic 3D with animated interstitials, paving a new path for future filmmakers. 

“My goal was to use 3D as a creative tool to immerse the audience in the world of the the audience feel like they are present with the characters,” director Kevin Cooper explains. “ In a way, it’s a little like theater and how an audience reacts to being physically present with the actors. 3D in film making allows the viewer to feel more engaged and connected with the world, and it’s my hope that they’ll also feel more connected dramatically.”

Kevin hired stereographer Tim Maupin to oversee the 3D aspects of filming. A stereographer is the director of photography of the 3D world. Maupin describes his job as “working with the director to make sure the 3D serves the story of the film while also making certain it is comfortable and safe for the majority of audiences throughout the course of the film.” He thinks viewers will like that I HEART SHAKEY has its fun moments, but will also appreciate that the effect doesn’t take over the story.

“To make a 3D movie now is to future proof your film. You also automatically get a 2D movie so it's a win-win.” Maupin feels that by filming an independent feature in 3D, they were able to be trendsetters and push the innovations of film making. “Once auto-stereo TV's are working really well, it will open the floodgates to 3D becoming mainstream. Right now it is still very much a niche market, but media will not stay flat forever...most media will eventually accommodate the fact that we have depth perception.”

The Coopers plan to continue to take advantage of their studio know-how and relationships to make more 3D Midwest-based movies with DeAnna producing and Kevin directing. “We are committed to making inspired movies at a responsible budget level and in 3D,” DeAnna adds. “This is something the studios cannot achieve, but indie filmmakers, like us, enjoy the challenge and accomplishment of being able to walk this bumpy but gratifying road.” 

I HEART SHAKEY stars Steve Lemme (Broken Lizard comedian, Super Troopers, Beerfest), Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy franchise), Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Vacation movies), Alfonso Arau (Three Amigos), 12-year-old acting phenom Rylie Behr, and a rescue dog named Ebony. It tells the story of a widower, his 9 year-old daughter and their devoted mutt Shakey. The film follows this family of three as they move from a small town to Chicago and are forced to get rid of their dog, who wreaks havoc in their new apartment building. It is a simple heart warming story geared toward kids. 

Talent from the film will attend the red carpet premiere on June 13th. I HEART SHAKEY will be released in theatres and Video On Demand June 29th by Phase 4. The DVD arrives in stores late August. Spotlight Pictures will handle international distribution.

Here's a behind the scenes look at the making of I HEART SHAKEY:

Here's the teaser trailer for I HEART SHAKEY:

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 I'll have more on this movie for you soon!

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