Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ruffalo Has A 6 Picture Deal With Marvel To Play HULK!!

Yes! With apparent word of mouth that Mark Ruffalo NAILED playing Hulk in THE AVENGERS, this news will be welcome indeed to Marvel fanatics worldwide, including me. Ruffalo has committed to doing 6 movies as Hulk and with that means with utmost certainty that he will have stand alone HULK movies.

Rather than tell you exactly what he said - have a listen! Steve over at Collider got the exclusive on this one:

Here's what's in the interview:
- His reaction to reading the script for the first time and the challenges of fitting in so many characters into one movie
- We talk about how funny the movie is.
- Reveals that he signed a 6 picture deal.
- Talks about how he now wants to make a lot more Marvel movies.
- Talks about a deleted scene he’s sad that was cut.

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