Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Of Course It Was: Second Credits Scene Added To THE AVENGERS Starting This Weekend In North America

You remember when Robert Downey Jr. commented that right after the Hollywood premiere was over, the cast of THE AVENGERS were going to shoot an entirely new scene?

Well it turns out that they in fact did shoot a new scene and that now we know that it will appear as a SECOND scene after all the credits are rolled at the end of the movie. And apparently, it is for North American screens only.

Not a surprise to me - but good to have confirmation.

If you are into spoilers (which I am not considering I will be seeing this thing Thursday night in IMAX 3D), you can read more at the SuperHeroHype forums. There are even screen captures out there of the scene - you won't find them here on MarketSaw though; not for this.

So there is even more enticement for you to check out this huge event movie this weekend. Don't forget to get a free poster Thursday night at midnight if you can! THE AVENGERS open May 4.

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