Friday, July 27, 2012

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 In The Works - Sequel Worthy Story Written By Emmerich And Devlin

Interesting news from producer Dean Devlin (INDEPENDENCE DAY, STARGATE) from our friends over at Collider - INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 is definitely in the works!

Here's what Devlin had to say at the Saturn Awards:
“I can tell you that Roland Emmerich and I are working together for the first time in eleven years and we are working really hard to try and make this happen. I think that the story that we finally cracked is finally worthy of a sequel. And I think that the people who have been fans will feel like they got the movie they were waiting for.”

Further Devlin said that the time between the movies would be used as part of the plot which makes total sense to me. Time is a requirement for most fictional space travel so why not? I see it as being a plot device too for the sequel to DISTRICT 9 should that happen too.

However, I don't believe Devlin is your standard Hollywood writer / producer. Want proof? How about this quote from him:

“Many years ago, I was actually hired to write the sequel to Independence Day. And I wrote a sequel. And they paid me a boatload of money to go write this thing. And after I wrote it, I read it and I gave them back the money and I said, ‘look, this is an okay movie I just wrote. But it’s not worthy of the sequel to Independence Day.’ And I literally gave back the money. And afterwards I said, ‘You know what? I’m not even going to try anymore.’ And it was only about a year-and-a-half ago that Roland called me up and said, ‘We should try again.’”

No word on whether Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum or any of the other stars will be returning to the sequel, but Devlin did allude to it when he said that (paraphrased) it's necessary to account for the time between movies because the actors get older. Hint, hint.

More details when I get it! I am definitely up for another ID movie. Loved the first one despite some cheesy moments. Goldblum has GOT to come back.

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