Friday, August 31, 2012

Sony Announces First 4K, Passive 3D TV: 1080P For Each Eye!

**Editor's Note: Welcome Adam Shear! Adam attends SUNY Oswego in upstate NY where he studies broadcasting and mass communication. He has contributed to and and I'm excited to have him aboard.

Adam here. After an impressive showing of 4K projection technology at CES, Sony has finally announced its first ever 4K television. 4K, also called Ultra High Definition, has four times a greater picture than 1080p HD.

The Sony XBR-84X900 will be 84 inches and capable of displaying native 4K content. This Ultra High Definition set is also Sony's first TV to use passive 3D technology. Because there are more pixels, you can finally get a full 1080p picture in each eye. It also has virtual 5.1 surround sound built in to the speakers.

While there is no native 4K content available now, it could come soon in the form of digital content stored on hard drives.  In a brochure I received from Sony at CES, it was explained that Blu ray disc players can be upgraded to play native 4K, the same way in which upgrades were needed to play Blu ray 3D content.   

Select Sony stores will have the XBR-84X900 on display starting September 6 with it releasing sometime in the near future, I would guess in the next six months to a year. 

I'm really glad to finally see a 4K TV from Sony.  At CES this past year, I attended their 4K Experience which showed off not just native 4K content, but also 1080p content up-scaled to 4K.  I was really impressed.  It also makes perfect sense for Sony to move to passive 3D.  Now that users can get a full 3D HD picture, there really isn't a need to buy a $100 pair of battery powered glasses.  It's just easier to get a $10 pair of glasses with no technology inside of them.  It might take a few years for 4K to really catch on, but 4K will really enhance the home theater experience, even more so than 1080p HDTVs currently have.

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