Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Phobia Films Announces Horror - Thriller: DREADLOCK


Phobia Films Announces Title Of Their First Motion Picture, DREADLOCK.

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia (August 29, 2012) - Phobia Films is proud to reveal the title of their first motion picture production, DREADLOCK.

Says Mr. Dorey: "We're now in a position to enthusiastically announce the working title for Phobia Film's first project previously known as 'Project Annapolis'."

DREADLOCK is being directed, produced, written and scored by Jim Dorey. Andrew Steeves is executive producing and managing physical production.

Says Mr. Steeves, "Locations are being scouted now in Nova Scotia and crew are being assembled for a summer 2013 lensing. We're excited to be moving into initial public awareness for the production."

"DREADLOCK is a character driven, horror / thriller solidly based in fact and science," smiles Mr. Dorey. "Suspension of disbelief will be among our top priorities. When we decide to scare you, be prepared to apologize to the person beside you. We specialize in eliciting primal screams."

Phobia Films was founded by Jim Dorey in 2012 as a Thriller / Horror / Action genre entertainment production company with a special love of stereoscopic 3D. Phobia Films is headquartered in the fast growing film production city of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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For media & crew inquiries please contact:
Jim Dorey, President & Owner, Phobia Films

For production slate logistics inquires please contact:
Andrew Steeves, Director of Engineering, Phobia Films


Yes, I'm in deep with this thing! Thank you for all the support I've gotten already, from so many. Can't wait to start shooting, but in the meantime plenty of work to be done... Stay tuned with all Phobia Films updates right here!

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