Monday, September 17, 2012

Peter Jackson Announces New Hobbit Trailer Coming September 19th!

Tim here. News broke via Peter Jackson's Facebook Page today that this week fans will be treated to the new trailer for the first movie in his planned trilogy! It hits the web Wednesday, September 19th, and will likely be in theaters starting the 21st. He explained in a video* that the film community will join in the celebration of “Tolkien Week” because of the 75th Anniversary of the first publication (September 21, 1937) of The Hobbit and Bilbo's and Frodo's birthday on the 22nd. September 22 was declared “Hobbit Day” by the American Tolkien Society in 1978.

Jackson teased more than just the trailer, he also mentioned special content that will be shared with the fans. I wonder what that could be? Also, if you are near the L.A. area, or can arrange to be, TORn is celebrating its 10th annual Hobbit Baggins Birthday Bash.

UPDATED: Video from YouTube so that mobile devices can view it.

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