Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Mins Of TOP GUN 3D Being Screened At The 3D Entertainment Summit!!

Attending the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles or tempted to go? Here's a great reason to attend: Approximately 10 mins of TOP GUN 3D will be screened on Thursday, September 20th at the Summit!

As you probably know, TOP GUN was a huge success for director Tony Scott who recently passed away. Just 10 days before his death, Scott made it very clear how much he loved his movie in 3D to the founder of the company that converted it for him, Barry Sandrew of Legend 3D.

Barry will be in attendance at the highlights screening of TOP GUN 3D and it will be shown as a tribute to Tony Scott.

Obviously the movie is a successful, tent pole starring Tom Cruise, but for me it was about the stunning visuals and high octane action sequences mixed with an amazing soundtrack that brought it home. Add in 3D? Wow. I've got to see this whole thing as soon as possible! Wish I was there at the Summit this year. If you manage to check it out, let me know your thoughts...

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