Saturday, December 01, 2012

Latest Hobbit TV Spot Brings Hint of Smaug & More

Tim here with the latest TV Spot from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. I guess this is Spot #9, although by now it's getting hard to keep count. In it there are certainly SPOILERS, and as a result readers should beware if they want to have a clear viewing experience.
The quick, non-spoiler filled, synopsis is an action teaser with the statement "On December Fourteenth see the journey that started it all."

**For spoilers highlight the following text:

In the teaser we see hints of Smaug in a shroud of smoke and fire barreling towards Dale. There are brief glimpses of the great worm's wing and tail. Then later we see what appears to be the famous Battle of Azanulbizar, or possibly some other conflict between Dwarves and Goblins. However, I will guess that it is that battle because that's likely to be the major battle we see in the first film. And lastly we get a closer look of Dol Godur and what appears to be Radagast approaching it across a bridge. Creepy. 

 **End spoilers. Here's the TV Spot:

Awesome! I can't wait for the film. Again it opens December 14th.

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