Monday, February 04, 2013

What's New In 3D: Talking With Jim Chabin, President Of The International 3D Society

I'm going to meeting many, many key individuals in Hollywood and beyond within the 3D motion picture industry in the coming days and I will be bringing you all up to speed with what is happening lately and what we can expect in the coming year(s). These guys are in the know. It's exciting to see the energy surrounding the 3D standard and the huge year ahead of us. I'll be introducing you to these various individuals so that you too can get the full picture.

Today I'm speaking with Jim Chabin, President of the International 3D Society. It's obvious how energetic and passionate he is about 3D but it's his ability to channel all that energy into the greater good of 3D that makes him unique for his important role.

Jim Dorey: Hi Jim, great talking with you again! Let's jump right into it: What are you most proud of during the past 12 months?
Jim Chabin: Plenty to be thrilled about. After honoring Martin Scorsese and our 3D professionals last year at the 3D Awards we've embarked upon an exciting year. Probably of most note is the tremendous growth of 3D internationally, especially in China. We spent some time in Asia and we're really just at the beginning here. Our society members continue to expand their markets and business as 3D unfolds further into the world markets. Just recently we're teaming up with MarketSaw in bringing together timely and accurate information to the media. We've got news stories, recent stats, a list of executives in the 3D industry willing to give quotes or interviews whenever needed and much more coming.

JD: What do you think of Lucasfilm's recent decision to postpone STAR WARS EPISODES II and III?
JC: It really doesn't have to be complicated as some would make it out to be. They are probably looking at better ways of doing things just as they have in the past and will continue to do. This is part of the reason why our new mutual initiative with MarketSaw is so important. We need to have the correct information out there. That list of 3D Executives you have accumulated to assist with future media stories involving our space will be a great asset! Disney is huge on 3D. I'm anxious to see their cutting edge 3D technology used with the STAR WARS franchise as they have with their Disney, Marvel and Pixar brands. 

JD: And we just heard the recent announcement of WORLD WAR Z going 3D! 
JC: Exactly. There's something new everyday. Of course I can't comment on some of the projects that we know are going stereoscopic 3D, but suffice to say there are more coming and we're thrilled.

JD: What's on your plate Jim - what can we expect in the coming months?
JC: Well we're honoring Ang Lee on Wednesday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel for his outstanding work in 3D for LIFE OF PI, along with all the other deserving award winners like DreamWorks Animation. It's a night we all look forward to every year. We are honoring Panasonic for making the Olympics 3D broadcasts a reality last year. It's also exciting to hear that we can look forward to over 50 3D feature films in theaters in 2013! Later this month we are presenting to the Association of National Advertisers annual media leadership meeting - these are the brand management senior leadership, so that's an incredible new opportunity for our industry. Getting national ad brands into 3D! And we have engaged our colleagues in cable at the highest level to get better information on the benefits of getting all these 3D TV 's activated with content from 3net, ESPN and others... So our plate is definitely pretty full! 

JD: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me on this today - I know this is crunch time before the awards on Wednesday.
JC: It all comes down to this week - I'll see you there!

More interviews to come!

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