Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What's New In 3D: Talking With Samsung's Dan Schinasi

Here's a second interview I completed today - this time with Samsung's Dan Schinasi and what his state of the union on 3D looks like. Join me in welcoming Dan to MarketSaw along with Samsung's amazing 3D products and industry support!

Jim Dorey: Dan, being in senior marketing management at Samsung as well as co-chairing the I3DS must take up most of your time! How do you manage to stay on top of two such dynamic organizations?
Dan Schinasi: It’s a balancing act but one that I take pride in. One that leverages my passion for marketing the world’s greatest TVs and the incredible 3D experience they are capable of delivering. Of course none of it would be possible without the support of my Samsung colleagues and management as well as the dedicated and professional leadership at I3DS!

JD: Speaking of the I3DS, what are you most proud of during the past 12 months?
DS: There have been a number of accomplishments that I share with my Co-Chair Tom Cosgrove, I3DS President Jim Chabin, and his terrific staff. The first is the successful merger of I3DS and 3D@Home. The combined organizations complement each other; our combined membership spans the entire 3D spectrum: we have members from all parts of the globe representing studios, broadcasters, content creators, the medical community, eyewear manufacturers, exhibition equipment makers, as well as CE companies. All of whom have a passion of seeing 3D thrive.

JD: What do you see happening with 3D over the next quarter? Next 6 months?
DS: On the consumer and production side, we will see continuous growth and consumer adoption of 3D in theatrical and home entertainment. We will further collaborate with researchers to better understand the hidden benefits of 3D, how we can continue to push the technology forward, as well as other applications.

JD: There are still misnomers and missteps when the media covers 3D; why do you suppose that is?
DS: There was significant promotion around the launch of 3D TV back when it was introduced in January of 2010. At the time there was not an abundance of content to enjoy and the media focused on that fact (the same misconception was apparent for HD content after HDTV’s entered the marketplace in the 90s). There was also a fair amount of confusion regarding the use of 3D technology that led to factually incorrect stories such as prohibitively expensive 3D gear to enjoy the technology at home. I3DS and its members are passionate about the technology and happy to educate the community about the technology and experiences available.

JD: The 3D Awards are coming up on Feb 6 - what are you most looking forward to during the evening?
DS: I’m most looking forward to meeting industry colleagues and the awards ceremony. In particular, honoring Ang Lee for his dedication and artistic capabilities in 3D production. There are a handful but growing number of producers that effectively use 3D as a tool to complement the story line. We are excited to reward Ang Lee for joining this expanding circle of producers.

JD: Thanks for your time today Dan! Appreciate all the time you put into 3D from multiple fronts and continued success!
DS: Thank you Jim!

More interviews to come!

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