Thursday, May 21, 2015

3D Shown To Be Very Good For Your Brain - New Study

As I knew all along, 3D supercharges your brain! According to neuroscientist Patrick Fagan and the science group Thrill Laboratory, there are some very beneficial effects to watching 3D movies.

Here are some highlights:
- 23% jump in cognitive processing
- 11% increase in reaction time
- 7% more engaged with what they are watching
- 33% increase in verbal fluency (writing alliteration for 1 minute)

From the Irish Examiner: "...3D films are more immersive, heighten the senses and induce emotional arousal – this, in turn, makes the brain run at quicker speeds."

Check out the full story over at the Examiner, and feel good about seeing as many 3D movies as you can! It's GOOD for you.

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