Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New JURASSIC WORLD Clip: This Isn't The Tasty Snack You're Looking For...

Yes, Chris Pratt's character gives off some Jedi vibe here in the latest JURASSIC WORLD clip. He's fending off a certain raptor attack against a poor soul who falls into their paddock - and it looks like this may be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Remember these creatures have intelligence. Still, it's hard to check the disbelief at the door for this one. I truly hope director Colin Trevorrow is successful in this endeavor because I'm dearly looking forward to a kick-butt JURASSIC PARK revisit. I can't coun how many times I've seen the original and I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat... errr, electric Jeep.

Here's the storyline for the movie:
Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure from a screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.

JURASSIC WORLD opens on June 12!

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