Sunday, November 01, 2015

THE MARTIAN Set To Overtake GLADIATOR As Ridley Scott's Top Box Office Draw

Ridley Scott has to be smiling broadly right now as his 3D space adventure THE MARTIAN continues to hold on to first place at the box office. In fact the Matt Damon starrer will overtake GLADIATOR as the top box office draw in all of Scott's releases sometime this week. THE MARTIAN currently stands at $182m and GLADIATOR did $188m worth of business back in 2000.

THE MARTIAN only dropped 27% this past weekend for an estimated take of $11.4m. Couple that with the bombs of SCOUT'S GUIDE, OUR BRAND IS CRISIS and BURNT (which I thought was very good) and voila - Martian Victory. Trouble is definitely on the horizon though as SPECTRE looms large this Friday. The latest James Bond installment just set records over in the UK during it's opening there. It'll open to huge business here as well and will hold it until THE HUNGER GAMES closes up shop with part 2 of MOCKINGJAY.

So congratulations to Ridley Scott for his achievement and continued success with 3D. An amazing accomplishment! Looking forward to ALIEN: PARADISE LOST and more native 3D from Scott and 3ality!!

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