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Exclusive Insider Info: The Hobbit, Avatar and Airport Security

Thanks for waiting guys. As I posted yesterday, I have an update from my deepest sources about "The Hobbit" to a certain degree, but more so for "Avatar". So here we go:

Concerning "The Hobbit":

Basically my source confirms that PJ's camp is covering up what they don't want the world to know yet. But this is what he can assure me:

1. New Line WANTS Peter Jackson to direct The Hobbit. (Another source has said that they are close to an agreement). My sources are "guaranteeing" that he will direct. I have never heard them say this before! My reputation is riding on this one. 100% veracity.

2. The Hobbit WILL BE a two part film - but here is the new information - the second film will be influenced by the foundation of "The Silmarillion" and "The History of Middle-earth Series" (which is a 12 part series of books where JRR's son, Christopher Tolkien analyses JRR's old manuscripts; the manuscripts that ultimately led to become "The Silmarillion", "Lord of the Rings" and "NĂºmenor" which is sort of like Atlantis). The second movie will ultimately lead us up to creation of The Fellowship in a graceful and logical fashion! So for all of you out there that thought that "The Hobbit" is too short a story for two feature movies (let alone two Peter Jackson feature movies) then you were right. Before you ask, my source has reminded me that PJ has access to the JRR manuscripts and extensive notes as he did for the LOTR trilogy. These notes were the foundation for the two books mentioned above, but are not the books themselves (which are still in the Tolkien family's hands). I mention the books to better frame what he has in mind. Jackson borrowed from Tolkien's notes for LOTR to build the story he wanted. He will do so again for The Hobbit.

Now that is simply awesome news! There is a great deal of Middle-earth information in those manuscripts and the interpretation of Tolkien's son adds much more content of course. It goes without saying that this has not been officially announced. Peter Jackson will direct "The Hobbit" and it's sequel: This is insider information from sources that are on the battle front and they are staking their reputation on it! I have this info from two separate sources as I have posted before. I have never heard them be so emphatic about something taking place before. The Hobbit in 3D is just the sort of movie to bring 3D to the masses in a big way with Avatar providing the 1-2 punch.

Concerning "Avatar":

1. Jim Cameron only referred to ONE image in his recent letter to AICN. Namely the concept art photo. Cameron also admitted that the photo could be real, but an earlier version that he has never seen before. But I do not want to focus on that image right now: Jim Cameron did not mention the first Na'vi image at all! Yet AICN published the first image (see the photo in this post) WITH the concept art photo. Cameron only addressed the second photo as being spurious to AICN; not the first. Hence by ignoring the first when he had perfect opportunity he is further validating it's veracity. He couldn't deny it. Don't know why AICN didn't ask Cameron about this obvious question.

2. Details of the Na'vi: Here is where we get some juicy details guys! Below is a portion of my sources' email:

"The skin is not grey, it's more of a blue and the important thing: The legs (and bit of the arms) are non-human! The phosphor patterns cannot be seen in the daytime. You can only see them when it's dark. They sort of shine through the skin. By the way: Not only are the alien characters glowing in the night, but the alien animals and the alien plants of this planet glow too! Also, the hair is different than what it started out as being."
Now THAT is very interesting. Note that the image in this post is at night. Wouldn't it be awesome if the blue lines were their veins and arteries glowing? Hmmm...

Regarding Clarification:

It seems as though the concept art photo (the one that Fox demanded retraction from this site) may indeed be an older version and has been heavily modified to date. Our stance is that we believe that the concept image is authentic but dated. The more important photo is the original photo that is presented again in this post. I believe it was JoBlo that broke this image originally.

It's very eerie to think of blue vein-like lines appearing only at night on creatures and plants on Pandora. And of course non-human legs and partial arms beg for a photo don't you think? That's a hint to my sources... We are working to obtain an image believe me.

One last thing. My sources are risking their jobs and careers to deliver the goods the world wants to see for "Avatar" and "The Hobbit". Here is another excerpt from my sources:

"Unfortunately things have heated up at ****... It's now very, very difficult to leak material again. Looks like the concept art picture got a lot of attention from the big boss. For a number of days now, as a worker at ****, you have had to hand-in your tech gadgets (cellphones, digital cameras, usb-sticks, etc.) upon entering the area. It's like an airport!! And security has standing orders to check you randomly! Really. But if there is a will, there is a way! Right?"
Well now. If the added security has only been added lately as a result of the Avatar concept art photo that many sites are saying isn't authentic: Why the security?? Think about it.

Gotta love these spy-guys. And appreciate them. The world is waiting! I will post updates when I receive them!! Contact me with any questions or by all means leave a comment. My sources read my blog and hopefully they can scoop up some more juicy information based on what you would like to see. Once they get through the airport security.

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