Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AVATAR Avalanche: 4 Minute Clip! New Neytiri Photo! Game Developer Interview!

**UPDATE: Nov 18 - Fox has asked for us to remove the video clip. I am complying. Hope you enjoyed while it was there!

Jim here. New AVATAR items are popping up everywhere!

Lets start with a revealing video clip of the Thanator chase from AVATAR Day. As it is possible to embed the clip, I am doing so but with the following exclaimer:

If you did not make it to AVATAR Day, you WILL be seeing an entire scene from the movie here in LOW 2D RESOLUTION - far from the ideal environment. The scene will be much more powerful in 3D and on the big screen. You have been warned.

It has apparently been captured by camcorder from an XBOX 360 in France.


I have decided to watch it as I would have gone to AVATAR Day if it was available in my area. It was not. But we only get the chance to see AVATAR for the first time ONCE, so think about it. For those skipping it - you should skip many of the comments too just in case a spoiler is mentioned.


Next up is a stunning new image of Neytiri courtesy of USAToday / Comingsoon!


New interview with Kevin Shortt (AVATAR THE GAME - Wii) over at Here is a short excerpt:

The Wii version of the game acts as something of a prequel and happens before the events in the movie. Do the PS3 and X360 versions happen in parallel with the movie, before the movie or after the movie?
KS: The next-gen version happens two years before the movie happens. If you placed us on a timeline, you would have the Wii game first, and then it would be the next-gen game and then the film. None of these are prequels. One doesn't necessarily lead to the other and then the other. Instead, it's about expanding the universe of Pandora. The moon has so many regions, so many possible stories, and each one of them shows one particular story.

Will we see any crossover in characters, or is the game totally self-contained?
KS: You definitely see crossovers between the game and the film. The reason we set it two years apart was because we didn't want to give anything away of the movie, so two years is a good distance that we aren't going to cross over, but it also allows us to introduce some characters that you know from the film into the game. We've got Sigourney Weaver, who plays Grace Augustine. She's one of the first people you'll meet in the game, and you meet her throughout. We've got Michelle Rodriguez, who plays your chopper pilot in the game. We've also got Stephen Lang, who plays Colonel Quaritch in the movie; he also appears in the game.

Story-wise, having seen the trailer and seeing some of the gameplay demos, I've got to ask if you're playing as the Na'vi in an Avatar body, what's to stop the RDA folks from knocking on your little Avatar coffin and knocking you out right there?

KS: That was certainly one of the things that we had to consider, but we definitely do consider it. I don't actually want to give away what it is, but for sure, that is answered. In fact, as soon as you choose to be a Na'vi, that kind of becomes one of the first things that you have to do very quickly. Now you're a Na'vi, somebody's got to go get your human body before they disconnect you, or else it's game over. Yeah, it gets addressed in the game.

More when we get it!

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