Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The Future of Cinema: Drive Ins?

At least in the short term what are our options? With Covid-19 still a threat and movie theaters being a contagion even before the coronavirus was a big deal (I can't tell you how many times I've caught a bug from someone sneezing close to me), what's left?

Could this be the return of the drive-in theater?

Several aspects of drive-ins have to be looked at as dodgy (I've been watching a lot of Ozzy Man reviews lately), namely the washrooms and the concessions.

The latter could be addressed by having car window service by masked servers (with or without rollerskates) but the biggest issue in my mind is the washrooms. With double and triple features being the norm, that's a lot of time to go without facilities, so something has to be done. The perfect solution (albeit expensive) is perhaps the public washrooms that are abundant in France:

Or perhaps a washroom that uses UV rays?

To be sure though, something needs to be improvised. I'm not sure having an attendant outside of every washroom to go in a clean after each user is the answer. Anybody have a suggestion?

On to projection! I'm wondering if it is possible to remove projectors from the cinemas and place them in improvised shelters to project onto screens (or large walls)? Is that even possible with the need for much larger screens and longer distances involved? What about brightness? If we need a short term solution only for drive-ins, perhaps using this strategy and using vacant stadiums (or their parking lots) for the cars?

I'd like to see something that is pop-up, easily removed, yet highly functional for seeing what we all love - the movies.

And until such time as new releases are made available, we'll have to rely upon past films and curated evenings for entertainment. Clearly, drive-ins alone won't amount to the box office revenue that the industry has enjoyed in the past, but as a stop-gap perhaps it will be enough.

What are your thoughts on drive-ins as a short term (or longer) solution to get Hollywood up and running again?

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