Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tintin: 3D, Jackson, Spielberg! Need I say more?

For all you Tintin fans out there--and for all you 3D fans, Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are teaming up to create a trilogy of Tintin movies, all in motion capture digital 3D CGI! No date mentioned yet, but as this will be a live action film with tons of CGI, I expect a 2009 release of the first one (probably Jackson's as Spielberg is commited to Interstellar) along with the others previously mentioned, Avatar and Monsters vs. Aliens.

Wow. I cannot wait for the summer of 2009. It will be a spectacle for sure with all of these projects coming to fruition. Tintin was written by Georges Remi and much detail went into these comics; many kids loved his character and friends. These new movies will attempt to capture the essence of the comics - but in live action! So expect immense detail and blow your socks off realism.

Of course we are talking about 2 of the best directors ever to pick up a megaphone too! A third director has not been announced as of yet and there is a lot of anticipation for that as well. The omnipresent Kathleen Kennedy will produce.

Yep. 3D and motion capture is taking off. And I couldn't be happier. Stay tuned!!

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