Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yet Another 3D Movie: Scar 3D @ Cannes

"Scar" is a slasher, torture horror film which says: 'been there, done that'. Scar 3D says: Finally! Some innovation to the Hostel inspired teen trauma flicks of late.

The film uses Real D technology which has been around a little while but always improving their stuff. While not seeing what James Cameron has in store for us in Avatar, it is fairly safe to assume some radical leapfrog's over Real D. Keep in mind also that Real D is used in most cases for converting 2D to 3D and not necessarily shooting a 3D film from the get-go.

That being said, it is awesome to see a 3D flick (not IMAX) using polarized glasses out so soon. Well done guys. This is one horror movie I will check out even though I seldom invest $ in them. The Hostel series being an exception ;-)

I will keep you up to date on 3D movies as they come available. Real time baby.

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