Friday, December 14, 2007

Exclusive: "The Dark Country" Filming Behind The Scenes in 3D! And...

You can only find this on MarketSaw. Thomas Jane's first directoral debut "The Dark Country" which is being filmed in 3D and slated for release in 2008 has filmed their behind-the-scenes (BTS) action and interviews ALSO IN 3D. The movie's DVD will feature segments from between takes and what happens behind the camera using a two camera system in 3D. This is the first time ever that a production will have DVD features available in 3D as well.

My source deep on the set for "The Dark Country" told me that John Rupkalvis was the 3D camera operator for the effort. I am good friends with John too. He was seen all over the set capturing the actors and sets in ways we will obviously not see in the movie.

I'm gonna love this picture. First of all I am a huge Jane fan - since "61*" where he played Mickey Mantle. Being up front with you, I have promised my source not to disclose all of the info that has been relayed to me as we all want to keep the surprises for the release. I agreed because I am not always about spilling the beans and plus I have a great relationship with him and obviously want to continue that! I have heard about the story, action in specific scenes and what they have been trying to accomplish with the 3D cinematography and I am gonna say now that it is spectacular! Some of the scenes are going to leave us awestruck and wondering how they did it. I can tell you that the film is shot as a film noir - so quite dark and lots of shadows - and that should give you hints as to some of the surprises coming up in 3D.

Can you tell I am psyched for this flick? Did I mention that I worked with Ron Perlman before? Yep. I was a background actor on "Outlander" - just look for the tallest "why am I running all night" viking in the background! Ron is in "The Dark Country" as well.

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