Monday, December 17, 2007

"Peach": Update From the 3D 'Open Movie'

Guys - here is an update on the 3D 'open movie' called "Peach" now under development in Amsterdam! I first posted about "Peach" and this new movement in animation called 'open movie' back in October '07. It's a great idea: The Blender Foundation flys animators from all over the world to a central location (Amsterdam) and pays all of their living expenses. There are no salaries. The developers themselves and Blender are the financiers and you can pre-order their DVD on the site for 34 Euros.

Some recent development notes (Andy) from their site:

"Now we’re able to brush our characters in real time and render 2 million hairs in HD resolution in about one minute."


"Some more food for the stat junkies: Rinky currently has 1.4 million hair strands (800 children hairs per parent particle), Gamera around 1.5 million (400 childs per parent for the body and 1000 for the tail). Child particles are generated per tile at rendering time, so memory consumption is very low. Furthermore, all textures are created in png format, currently at a resolution of 4096 pixels."

Some recent video to enjoy too! Thanks to Campbell and William:

Rock on guys!! According to their schedule, the trailer will be available in February with release pegged in March 2008. Looking forward to it...

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