Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cameron to Break Exciting Avatar News in March...

Ok, ok. I am working on just what kind of announcement this will be but the word from inside James Cameron's camp is that this will be HUGE. Cameron plans on revealing some "Avatar" items that will excite us all. In March. Two months away. Don't think I can wait that long so I will set my intrepid spies to work and try to get the juicy details PRONTO.

Just got some more details - Cameron has the right to change his mind of course but what is on tap for the time being for release in March is the following:
1. New "Avatar" Poster
2. Character Pics
3. *PERHAPS* some footage
For those who are not aware, Avatar will be released in both 3D and 2D although the emphasis is squarely on 3D. This only makes sense until such time as 3D theaters are ubiquitous. The footage therefore will most likely be 2D. Awesome. But 2D.

Stay tuned for some Hobbit news coming up next.

Can you tell I just spoke with my spies? Exciting isn't it? :-)

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