Monday, January 28, 2008

Del Toro In Talks To Direct "The Hobbit"?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Guillermo del Toro is in talks with Peter Jackson to direct "The Hobbit" Could it be that my source is wrong on this one? Hmmm. I will have to see it to believe it. Even if he is hired the pressure on him would be immense to meet the expectations of Peter Jackson et al. Didn't Jackson screen Ryan Gosling and hire him too? Yeah, we will see what happens.

But more to the point, I am surprised that they are talking to him - could be a ploy for more publicity - more bang for the buck when Jackson finally announces that he is still the one to direct. But still, it is interesting enough to definitely post about it. Again I ask, could my sources be wrong? They said all along that PJ will be heading up the productions and in a way he is. I doubt very much that wires got crossed somewhere along the line however. We still say that Jackson will direct these movies. Stay tuned for this one! I will update when I hear more: Needless to say I am contacting my sources on my other Firefox tab as I type... :-)

Besides, Del Toro is SUPER busy. If you thought Jackson has a lot of his plate, look at Del Toro's (on top of his current commitments, he even recently announced his interest in his version of Frankenstein AND the final Harry Potter movie(s) - which seems to be destined to be broken into two movies as well!). A lot of distractions for that guy and with a huge $150-175 million budget for the two movies (to be shot concurrently) and a huge time sink. I can't imagine any director other than PJ doing it justice. Well they certainly will be getting publicity with this stunt. And I think that is all it is, a stunt. In fact, now that the Academy is recognizing stuntmen and women for the Oscars, PJ and GDT could be up for a little golden man. Effective though.

Let's face it - Del Toro couldn't even finish reading the LOTRs. Too dense. Too deep. He has admitted this himself and has been quoted! Now you want him to direct these very important two movies and have respect for where they are supposed to wind up? Think about it. Worst. Move. Ever.

Of course, "The Hobbit" will still be in 3D. I have heard nothing to the contrary on that level.

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