Monday, January 28, 2008

Hypothesis: What If Del Toro Helmed "The Hobbit" Part 1 and Jackson Directed Part 2?

After musing with my sources a bit on the subject, we believe it could be possible for the following to happen:

1. Guillermo Del Toro Directs "The Hobbit" (The book he has read and could feasibly co-write the screenplay)
2. Peter Jackson Directs "The Hobbit, Part 2" (For lack of a title - this is the bridge movie from The Hobbit to LOTRs)
3. One HECKUVA scheduling coordinator.

For these films to be shot concurrently and, as reported here first - in 3D, a lot of resources would have to be scheduled and utilized effectively - but the upshot is that the movies could be done quicker.

Now we are not backing down from our earlier stance that PJ directs them both and in 3D. Not by a long shot. But the possibility exists that PJ could change his mind at any time - he doesn't worry too much about what MarketSaw has to say! From what we have heard from people deep within his camp is that PJ directs. Is that changing? I have emails into my sources right now. I doubt it.

However, if Del Toro did the first movie and Peter the second, interesting synergies take place. Productivity increases ( if scenes are using different actors and sets of course!). More time would be made available to CGI and 3D cinematography with that bonus time. PJ could watch GDT and GDT could learn from PJ when scheduling conflicts arise. Remember that 3D is relatively new to PJ and foreign to GDT.

When push comes to shove though, we still feel that PJ will direct both. And in 3D. There is simply too much to overcome any other way.

Believe me, I will have an update for you soon.

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