Thursday, January 03, 2008

Next Genre of Movies? Dreamworks' AIR GUITAR and Another in 3D!

Guys - I have just gotten word yesterday from a reliable source within Dreamworks that they have a "huge 2-D Air Guitar film in the works" - hey now, I was not expecting that but it makes sense. Best of all though, later on in the day in conversation with Ed Meyer over at Adirondack International Pictures, he said that he too was working on "Air Guitar 3-D" of the same genre to be shot concurrently with "Dumbass 3-D".

I can see the long neck of a Gibson sticking out into the audience like that spear did in "Beowulf" - awesome don't you think? Especially if you like rock.
Whatever it turns out to be it looks like a hot idea and well timed. Air Guitar video games have been rocking the world's consoles for some time now!

So what are these movies going to look like? If the 3-D version is shot simultaneously with "Dumbass 3-D" then perhaps some of the same Jackass type actors will be in it? Casting ideas? Storyline? Video game tie-ins? Let me know your thoughts!

Photos courtesy of Guitar Hero and Activision.

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