Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quick Post: Hey why not? Here's a Star Trek Update!

Yeah, I know J.J. Abrams is not making "Star Trek" in 3D, but I have been a huge fan of Star Trek since I was 5. I've always thought of myself as a Trekkie - definitely not fanatically, but still enough to know a 'little' Klingon. Enough said.

I have a source who is close - ok - he is ON the Paramount set of Star Trek and he keeps me up to date on things. Well I thought this was interesting so I will pass it on...

"Yeah it's a bummer about Trek getting pushed back...I'll be back on the set on (Edited on for obvious reasons) so I'll let you know what transpires there. I hope I get to see Nimoy again..that was pretty awesome. Zachary Quinto does an absolutely perfect job playing Spock, was funny watching him on set...he was eating constantly. J.J. and the rest of the cast were always ribbing him for it. Oh, and Zoe Saldana is freakin HOT."

So you heard it hear first folks - Quinto is a catering connoisseur!! LOL. Nice to see that JJ keeps a humorous set - hard to keep those damn green bloods from eating so much! Personally I am so psyched for this film and I wish they would consider 3D for the franchise. Perhaps for the next one. ...Meeting Leonard Nimoy - I am sooo jealous!

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