Friday, February 15, 2008

*Sigh* WSJ and Jupiter Research Don't Get It. Still.

I am not going to post at length about these posts by the Wall Street Journal and Jupiter Research, but I will say this: They need to get their act together and catch the hell up. Its like reading a book report on "Facebook for Dummies" by my grandfather.

I had to laugh at times - but in particular, Sarah McBride irked me enough that I had to email her to set her straight. I invited (challenged) her to post about my blog and to present the other side of the story and I laid this gem at her feet:

She claimed this about 3D: "...the novelty will likely wear off" as a summary statement of her post. I simply said that 3D is IMMERSIVE. It brings the audience closer to reality (like color films did) and what is wrong with reality? Why would I treat reality as a novelty? I wouldn't.

3D in the home theater is coming too. David Card at Jupiter went off on this. Sure, it just won't be here affordably for a little while. It is already here for 3D gaming with iZ3D, I know - I have their 22" 3D gaming monitor and it ROCKS. And as far as wearing 3D glasses - doesn't bother me at all! Instead they reference an interview with Mark Cuban that is what, 3 years old?? I have the inside track on Cuban's efforts to bring "glass-less" 3D to his Landmark Theaters - now that is current news guys - c'mon.

Of course I mentioned the outstanding per screen revenues that Hannah is bringing in (was a jaw dropping $45,000+ per!). Might be trying to teach old dogs new tricks here - but lets see if Sarah responds. I hope so. She must be smart enough to work for such an esteemed institution as the WSJ. Bring it on Sarah... :-)

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