Friday, March 28, 2008

Check Out This Review Of the Recent Dallas Maverick's 3D HD Game

The Star-Telegram has run a review of the recent Dallas Mavericks NBA game that was broadcast live to the Magnolia Theater via satellite with 305 patrons watching with their mouths wide open.

Apparently the best moment of the game came when Stackhouse drove the baseline, beat his man and then dunked HARD on Tim Thomas - lots of 3D layering and stunning action. Check out the highlights in 2D on ESPN right here. Stackhouse was dunking all game it seems - he had a massive one hander at the 15 second mark of that clip.

"Four special binocular-style TV cameras were used in the telecast. Mike Anastassiou tells people to just imagine a high-def picture... now make it four times better. That's 3-D HD."

"It will take 8-10 years before consumers will be able to easily buy 3-D TVs that don't require glasses," Mark Cuban wrote in an e-mail. "Hopefully, in the short term, we can push the costs down enough to do 10 or so Mavs games next year."

"I think it's [going to be] mainstream in '09 for movies, with limited 'live' special events, like Mavs games, concerts, plays," Cuban e-mailed. "At some point in 2010, you will see it in bars and special-entertainment environments."

Mainstream in 2009 is an understatement. 2009 will be THE year for 3D movies, mark my words.

Cuban is also working on 3D theaters in which you do not need glasses to view events / movies - read more about that here.

To see the whole Star-Telegram game review - jump on over here.

Image courtesy of AP

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