Monday, March 10, 2008

James Cameron's 3D "Battle Angel" Update!

Aha! Information is starting to pour in on this exciting follow up project to "Avatar" - James Cameron's "Battle Angel"! I have multiple sources now (more than 2, but less than 4 lol) reporting a few things to me and I must simply pass them on to you as I know you are damn well interested. Who wouldn't be? My comments in green - here we go!

1. Straight from source #1: "During 2004-2005 the entire second floor of the Lightstorm building was dedicated to the Battle Angel art department, which was "massive". The entire ceiling above the workspace was modeled to resemble the hanging sky city from the manga so that the artists could "live in" the world they were creating. Pretty cool, huh?"
YES. DAMN cool.

2. Source #2: Cameron already has his Battle Angel! Yes, you read correctly! It is a done deal apparently - her name is all over the scripts. She is a nobody right now, but look for her to use this movie like Arnie used Terminator to catapult herself to super stardom.
Believe me, I am working on a name! Only a matter of time...

3. Source #1: Cameron threw away Laeta Kalogridis' script and is cowriting with someone else (ghostwriter/story editor). The interesting thing about this news, to me, is that Cameron is basically writing the script himself (with some assistance), as opposed to having someone else (Laeta) write it for him. Good news, in my opinion. Laeta's name will still appear in the credits in some form for legal reasons, however.
AWESOME. A Cameron written film demands attention to be sure.

4. Source #1:
"As for the script itself, Cameron is basically condensing the first 3 graphic anime books into the first movie, "but that can still change". Oh, the original Battle Angel script was "drivel"-- plagued by length and pacing issues which persisted despite multiple drafts.
We all hope that all those scripts troubles are well behind Mr. Cameron now!

5. Source #2: Cameron is definitely working on the Battle Angel script during the little downtime he gets on the "Avatar" post production and call backs.
Here Cameron is, doing a $250m (my estimate) sci-fi perf-cap 3D "Avatar" that he has been percolating for a decade and all the logistics of getting it done - oh and inventing/tweaking the damn 3D equipment to shoot it and the editing / effects to bring it all together with darn near 2 years of post production - and he has time to tackle "Battle Angel"? I mean even a little bit? Obviously his work is not work to him - it's a passion and who can blame him for that. All I know is, as a fan of everything he has done - don't stop! Can't wait to see them Jim. Both of 'em.

6. Source #3: **SPOILER ALERT** - Probably the biggest, most expensive and memorable scene in "Battle Angel" - highlight white text below to be enlightened!

The Act 2 /Act 3 break is amazing. Battle Angel is on top of a roof with the ENTIRE city being overlooked - sweeping 3D vistas! She is being chased so she jumps off of the roof and plays toad on each car on the way down - the cars are flying! There are explosions, bullets flying and cars exploding all while people are driving. My source says most of the budget for the movie has gotta be blown right here on this sequence!! It is going to demand the best that the crews can deliver to get this right and Cameron is Mr. Perfectionist so I am drooling already.

**SPOILER ALERT** Highlight the white text above to view.

Now does this sound like a movie to anticipate or what?
Hopefully this gets done in time for a summer 2012 release because all this waiting time for Cameron movies is killing me!

Thought this fan art was pretty cool - check it out:

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