Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tintin Original Artwork Fetches Over $1.2 Million

Wow. The Europeans love Tintin. First of all over 200 million Tintin comics books have been sold worldwide in 6o languages. And now the original oil artwork for the cover of "Tintin in America" just sold for €764,200 (over $1.2m) at a Paris auction (Artcurial) on Saturday.

The auction included 650 original comics of the Belgian creator, Hergé (Georges Remi) who passed away in 1983.

The Tintin frenzy seems to be really picking up in Europe and the chatter from overseas definitely points to a kind of warning to Spielberg, Jackson and company: Do the job right.

Brit teenager Thomas Sangster was also revealed to be the choice to play the Tintin lead last week - quite a week for Tintin fans indeed. Can you feel the momentum building on this? You bet. Kids are going to love it, Europeans are nuts for it and I suspect there will be a hook or two for older audiences in North America announced soon. The worldwide box office on this 3D trilogy could be SCARY...

Source: CBC
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