Friday, March 21, 2008

Livin' In A Sangster's Paradise: Tintin Lead Finally Cast?

According to the Daily Mail Thomas Sangster has been cast as the lead in 3D movie trilogy "Tintin" along with Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock. Steven Spielberg is directing the first with Peter Jackson helming number 2. This is in the face of earlier reports that Kristen Myburgh had been close to signing on (see the fan art below of Kristen as the lead - thanks "AllAboutTintin" for the image).

Here are some excerpts from the item:

"A London schoolboy studying for his A-levels is about to sign up to play comic book hero Tintin in a trilogy of films to be directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Thomas Sangster, 17, from South London, has already been to Los Angeles to work on preproduction test sequences with both directors.

Sangster, you may recall, was the lad who starred in the Richard Curtis film comedy Love Actually, where Liam Neeson played his stepdad and his leading co-stars were Emma Thompson and Bill Nighy (who, actually, walked off with the picture)."

"The Tintin film, though, is shrouded in secrecy - to a most frustrating degree.

Sangster's London agent refused to respond to multiple telephone messages.

However, on the agent's website there's chatter about Sangster being in the middle of his A-levels but that, despite this, he would be flying "to LA for preproduction of his next project . . . watch this space".

An executive who worked with Sangster in Los Angeles recently told me: "Thomas seems to be the one.

"He was just great, but I'm not certain if anything has been finalised yet."

"I've heard various tales about the third film: some say Spielberg and Jackson will direct it together; others claim that James Cameron, who made Titanic, will be at the helm."

Well you heard here that we believe that Robert Zemeckis will direct the third iteration of "Tintin" and it will definitely NOT be Cameron.

The anticipation is sky high for this 3D movie trilogy especially in Europe and everyone's hoping that it will be contagious in North America. With the sheer power directing them and the talent being assembled how could it not?

Awesome premise for 3D as well - a young Indiana Jones type running around Europe on grand adventures!


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