Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Avatar" Na'vi Motion Capture Suits Analysis: Location For Tail Spotted !!

My source and I went through some more of his photos of the "Avatar" wardrobe room that show slightly different angles and discovered what we believe to be where the Na'vi's tail is attached during performance capture in "The Volume" (an area which is surrounded with cameras capturing the actors movements and facial expressions). Look for the red circle in the first image. I have attached the original high res shots as well - click to enlarge (large files!)

Further, my source points out that the motion capture suits above the main rack are for CHILDREN. Lots of them!! So again, children play are a factor in a James Cameron movie - which I think will add that extra layer of tension. That also means that there will be a very large chance of ALIEN NA'VI CHILDREN AS WELL in the movie! It'll be great to see how Cameron pull off younger aliens too... Man is he having fun with this one.

We will get you some more "Avatar" pics as soon as we can! Nobody else is doing it, so we'll pick up the slack!! :-)

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