Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"A Christmas Carol" 3D Update

Crachit's MOTHER is in "A Christmas Carol". My source has recanted that the Crachits are not in the 3D movie as he simply did not see any lines for them back when the original spoiler post was made on March 5th. For all the spoilers check out that original post for details.

Who the heck is playing the mother? That role is not listed on IMDB at all. The casting with this movie is swirling with rumors more so than any other movie in recent years. Why? One reason could be that because this movie is performance capture based that many roles may be shared, the body of one and the voice of another. Doesn't explain why there are more confirmed roles though - especially because this movie had been in production for over a month now!

Who knows the casting? Contact me will ya? Sheesh. :-)

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