Thursday, April 03, 2008

Final Destination 4: 3D - Is There a Script Leak?

Ahhh, no. Not a script leak - perhaps a tiny squirt, but no leak.

Essentially there is nothing new here except that they may be formally calling the movie "Final Destination 4: 3D. I was not going to post at all about it, but enough other sites are getting all excited over it so I had to set the record straight.

We already know there is an opening scene at a race track and that a car flies into the grandstand killing and NOT killing (at least not right away lol) race fans. I guess another little squirt of info is that a total of 52 people died in the crash. We get a little bit about the characters and their names but honestly it is not much information at all.

In fact, casting calls will often have modified scripts for exactly this purpose - to make sure that the gist of the movie does not get out. That's where this extra info came from: Casting calls. (We had some videos of those calls but YouTube has removed them).

So feel free to check out IESB's info here. It is a fun read I guess, but I was hoping for much more.

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