Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Horror Movie "1.8 Days" Being Shot In 3D?

** UPDATE (April 30): I have confirmation from Chuck Fallaw from Movie Tao Productions and "1.8 Days" is definitely being shot in 3D. Further he pointed me to a few videos cleaning up the Gary Busey tirade - or lack thereof! Inside Edition edited the clips and then lied on tape to make it appear as though he was yelling at the photographer when he in fact never did. This is a standard Busey appearance and nothing more. Sure he may still be crazy, but he did not abuse the photog! Here is the photog's website and a couple of YouTube videos clearing it up here and here. Gary just enjoys his work - that's all - right? Thanks for the clarifications Chuck!

Appears it WILL be in 3D according to
this poster from their official site! Awesome... Which makes Busey all the more nuttier. ADDED to the 3D Movie List!

Haha - I think Gary Busey has got himself into a little trouble here! Perhaps he let slip that his upcoming movie "1.8 Days" is going to be shot in 3D and then got upset when Inside Edition (known for its journalistic integrity) mentioned it during his interview.

He proceeds to go berserk! Wow - this guy is a piece of work. Check it out this video interview!


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