Saturday, April 05, 2008

How about Designer 3D Glasses? Ray-Ban Wayfarers Never Looked So Good!

According to Variety, the Luxottica Group have recently partnered with Kerner Optical with the intent to deliver designer 3D glasses to movie audiences late this year. Luxxottica owns the Ray-Ban brand, which in turn is responsible for the world famous - and timeless - Wayfarer frames.

Yuska Siuicki, a founder of Kerner Optical, enthuses:

"You will be using these high-end Ray-Ban glasses at home, on your computer and TV, and then you'll stick them in your pocket and take them to the theater. They are much more comfortable than what is out there now, and the lenses will soon be available in prescription. This space is exploding."
PLEASE NOTE: Current prescription glasses wearers who have trouble with fitting the theater glasses over there own now have another option: PRESCRIPTION 3D GLASSES!

Honestly I saw this coming a long time ago, but who can compete with companies that have the manufacturing facilities in place and the brands to exploit. Not me! I say good on you Luxottica; I will definitely be looking to acquire a pair. Wayfarers rock.

Source: IGN

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