Friday, April 11, 2008

If You Haven't Heard: 3D Is Now The Standard Format For Feature Animation - And Live Action Isn't Far Behind

I have not seen this officially stated anywhere else so I will say it: 3D is now the standard format for feature animation.

We have reached the pivot point for animation in Hollywood and that is: All future animation tentpoles from the top three majors will be shot in 3D. That is not said lightly! It is a wonderful year for animation and the 3D industry. And there is not much more that needs to be said for animation: They've got it right.

2009 may very well hold the key to the pivot point for Live Action as well with James Cameron's (JC) "Avatar". Few people know what they are to expect from the movie and to be honest that is truly playing into the hands of JC. Imagine having never seen a modern 3D movie before and walking in for the first time to see "Avatar" - the 'cream of the crop' shall we say. People are just going to be overwhelmed. I saw this happen already for a concert film: "U2 3D" - folks just didn't know what they were in for and they couldn't stop looking at each other and pointing - I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face! This was a concert movie. A very good one mind you, but still no storyline, no suspense, no shocking turn of events. People were turning around and buying another ticket for the next showing solely based on their experience of 'sight and sound'.

What does this mean for "Avatar"? Take that concert film (James Horner's score will make "Avatar" feel like a concert anyway trust me) and literally add immersive adventure on a grand scale - you are part of the movie! You think "U2 3D" was good? "Beowulf"? You have seen nothing yet. To say that this movie is anticipated is an understatement in my opinion. "Avatar" is a delivery from the mundane to the sublime. As JC puts it: It fires more synapses.

Now I don't expect to have all of the majors lining up and saying "3D from now on", but I will tell you that it is close. VERY close and JC was right to point this out in his recent interview with Variety: He thinks 3D could be applied as easily to "300" as it could be to "Atonement". He is RIGHT. I am still reading posts from other bloggers who think he is crazy for saying that - a drama in 3D? I think you know where I stand, but in case you don't...

We LIVE in 3D - it is time to wake up and butter your toast bloggers. The times are changing and for the better. I couldn't be in a better place either. I can't wait for that second pivot point. Bring on Live Action 3D!

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