Friday, May 16, 2008

"The Dive" Next Up For James Cameron: 3D Of Course!

James Cameron told The Hollywood Reporter that his follow up movie after "Avatar" will be "The Dive", based on a true story of a Cuban free diver Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras and his love affair with a French woman - Audrey Mestre. Mestre perishes while in competition after being trained by her lover.

I KNOW I missed out on asking some key questions of Cameron and Vince Pace during their Cannes Panels yesterday, but c'est la vie. Next time Jim!

Obviously as I have alluded to in past posts, underwater 3D cinematography is absolutely stunning. Floating objects are suspended in front of you allowing your eyes to wander and become deeply immersed in the film. When the camera is at the waters edge, just breaking the surface - it really seems as though you are IN the water. An amazing effect indeed.

Cameron will be able to take this movie to its limits and explore nuances never before seen as 3D is the tool that directors dream about.

It may be free diving but there is a cost associated with this picture - "Battle Angel" will have to wait awhile. Can't say as I blame him - he is putting an ungodly amount of time into "Avatar" to spoil us all. Battle Angel will not be a walk in the park - not that any of his films are.

I have a ton of anticipation for "The Dive". An escape into a world that I would never ever see otherwise, partially a glorious environment for a movie setting and partially a death trap. Awesome. If there is one team I would want doing "The Dive" it is James Cameron and Vince Pace. Synergy baby.

Is it just me or does Francisco look A LOT like Ron Perlman? Hmmm. Called it.

Here is an Italian clip of the couple:

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