Monday, May 19, 2008

"Final Destination IV" 3D Superior To All Other 3D Horror Movies In The Pipes?

Craig Perry, producer of "Final Destination IV" has some choice words for the other 3D horror movies coming out soon in 3D, including "My Bloody Valentine":

"Final Destination 4 will mercilessly bitch slap the 3D “My Bloody Valentine” remake into submission. Listen, I feel like some of these other 3D films were just rushed into production. We have planned… seriously. We will own any other 3D horror film that tries to oppose us.

We really didn’t want to just throw a bunch of stupid shit at the audience, just as an excuse to do 3D. There isn’t a bunch of scenes where a yo-yo flies towards the screen or anything like that. We wanted to create a truly immersive 3D world, where you feel like you could actually step into it.

When I asked how (nudity) and gore would play into the 3D picture, he responded “Well, there is a 3D sex scene… nudity included. Also prepare to have a bunch of limbs and torso’s shot your way.

Is this a feature film first? 3D sex scene? You can add ten million dollars to the bottom line for every minute of nudity I am guessing. Hey that's just reality dude.

The opening sequence (which has already been divulged) sounds pretty darn intriguing:

Imagine what it’s like sitting in those chairs, watching these chunks of steel zip around the track like hellfire, and notice that there really isn’t that much separating the two of you… and furthermore, there isn’t any room to go if you wanted to get away.

For some spoilers revealed by the cast while being interviewed during this piece - be sure to check out Bloody Disgusting's full post here!

For more "Final Destination IV" MarketSaw coverage click here. These guys mean business. They are using the industry leading equipment from PACE and man, am I ever looking forward to seeing the results first hand ( it goes flying past my head!).

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